Cancer care

Cancer Care

Pure Home Care has a dedicated cancer care team who has significant experience caring for clients with cancer and their families. Pure Home Care understands this difficult time and endeavours to provide professional care for all.

Many people think that Pure Home Care carers and nurses give nursing or domestic care in the home, such as helping with bathing, cooking or shopping. Actually, this is not what they do at all. Their main role is in giving advice and support to people with cancer both in hospital and at home. They are specialists in controlling symptoms and can help at any stage of cancer. They often support with liaising between patients, relatives, GPs and the hospital to improve quality of life for the whole family during a stressful time.

You don’t have to have advanced cancer to have a Pure Home Care worker. They are able to give support and advice from the time of diagnosis onwards. They have a lot of knowledge about controlling cancer symptoms, especially pain.

Cancer patients often feel more comfortable and secure being cared for at home. Many patients want to stay at home so they will not be separated from family, friends, and familiar surroundings. Pure Home Care can help patients achieve this desire. It often involves a team approach that includes doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, family members, and others.

Pure Home Care can be both rewarding and demanding for patients and carers. It can change relationships and require families to address new issues and cope with all aspects of patient care.

Services provided by Pure Home Care may include access to medical equipment; visits from registered nurses, physical therapists, and social workers; help with running errands, meal preparation, and personal hygiene; and delivery of medication.


  • Chemotherapy support
  • Weight, pulse rate and blood pressure checks
  • Medical problems
  • Help with managing side effects.
  • Specialist care for specific cancers and blood disorders

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  • Emma

    “I have been nursing on the wards for many years, running around and attending to a large number of patients at once. With Pure Home Care, I spend the shift with one patient, which requires less energy for more reward. I love being able to connect and focus on the one patient. I would recommend working for Pure Home Care if you are sick of rushing around wards and are looking for an alternative nursing career .”

  • Travis

    “Pure Home Care is my only source of employment (by choice), with the nature of home care services I manage to juggle family, work and leisure time. I love nursing in people’s home and I almost always feel welcomed and appreciated. Thanks Thomas , and thanks as well to the patients who’ve touched my heart. “

  • Kay West

    “I am qualifying as a nurse at the moment- PHC are able to provide me with work which suits my study/ internship schedule. I rarely turn down overnight shifts or big bulk shifts over the weekend. The occasional overnight work has fit in very well with my studies.”

    Kay West

Pure Home Care will provide you with a free cancer care quote. Pure Home Care can also organise for our cancer care clinical nurse assessor to visit you, to create an appropriate cancer care plan. When once agreed we will commence our cancer care.

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