Disability care

Disability Care

Our handpicked staff have significant experience supporting people with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities. They provide the necessary social interaction and individual attention that encourages personal development for people with disabilities. Receiving assistance from someone you trust and feel comfortable with is of fundamental importance.


  • Personal care
  • Domestic assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Provide companionship and conversation
  • Entertainment
  • Participation in arts and crafts
  • Home Respite
  • Exercise

More Services

post injury care

Post Injury/Post Operative Care

If you or a loved one require shortterm care after an injury or operation,
Pure Home Care can provide the necessary assistance to help you with your everyday tasks…
sleepover care

Sleepovers & 24 Hour Care

If you or your loved one is at a stage where you require a higher level of
care, either in the short term or in the longer term, Pure Home Care has
teams of skilled and qualified staff available to provide support 24 hours…
dementia care

Dementia Care

We have a dedicated specialised dementia team providing high-level dementia care. We aim to improve quality of life and enhance decisionmaking skills whilst making safety a priority.
in - home respite

In-home Respite

Pure Home Care have the ability to provide in-home respite and attend to all care needs required so that loved ones can have respite and attend to other matters.
  • Emma

    “I have been nursing on the wards for many years, running around and attending to a large number of patients at once. With Pure Home Care, I spend the shift with one patient, which requires less energy for more reward. I love being able to connect and focus on the one patient. I would recommend working for Pure Home Care if you are sick of rushing around wards and are looking for an alternative nursing career .”

  • Travis

    “Pure Home Care is my only source of employment (by choice), with the nature of home care services I manage to juggle family, work and leisure time. I love nursing in people’s home and I almost always feel welcomed and appreciated. Thanks Thomas , and thanks as well to the patients who’ve touched my heart. “

  • Kay West

    “I am qualifying as a nurse at the moment- PHC are able to provide me with work which suits my study/ internship schedule. I rarely turn down overnight shifts or big bulk shifts over the weekend. The occasional overnight work has fit in very well with my studies.”

    Kay West

Pure Home Care will provide you with a free quote. Pure Home Care can also organise for our clinical nurse assessor to visit you, to create an appropriate care plan. When once agreed we will commence our care.