Individuals and Families Confused Over Elderly Care Reforms

Researchers from the University of Sydney have recently revealed that many individuals and families across Australia are confused over reforms relating to elderly care. A number of reforms have taken place or are taking place when it comes to elderly residential care, home care services, and other care services for elderly people. However, many of the people affected along with their families are struggling to keep up.

According to the research, many people were feeling overwhelmed and confused over care options and reforms for the elderly. This includes options relating to respite care, residential care, and home care amongst others. Many people are also unconvinced about the promise of providing more choice and control to consumers when it comes to elderly care.

Understanding the needs and perceptions of care for the elderly 

A study was recently carried out by the research team in a bid to better understand the needs and perceptions of care for the elderly. As part of the research, interviews were carried out with current and future care users, care providers, assessors, and health service providers. This was performed across eight locations in New South Wales.

Following the interviews and focus groups, researchers concluded that many people felt that they were not being properly informed about the services that were available. In addition, they were unsure about issues such as how much these services would cost and whether they would be eligible for them or not. Confusion was further compounded as a result of the various changes and reforms that have been taking place.

Frustrated, confused, and in despair 

One official that was involved with the research said that she had been surprised to learn of the frustration, despair, and confusion that many elderly people and their families felt when it came to these services. She said that more needed to be done to ensure that people understood the system and all changes that were taking place.

Many of the service providers that were involved in the study said that they were concerned that people were unaware of which services would best meet this needs. This is another issue that has been identified as part of this study. They believe that support is also required to help people reach decisions with regards to the services that will best cater for your specific requirements. It was found that service users did not have the information, capacity or skills to navigate what had essentially become a complex and complicated system.

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